Internal & External Audit Result


Internal Audit is one of the quality assurance efforts that is carried out continuously, systematically and structured. The Doctoral Study Program of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya (PSDIK-FKUB) as part of Universitas Brawijaya is always active and supports the quality assurance process in order to meet the quality standards set. The instruments and scope of AIM are not always the same every year, but are adjusted to dynamics that are guided by the demands of academic standards and customer satisfaction. Each activity is required to carry out the PPEPP cycle (Standard Setting-Standard Implementation-Standard Implementation Evaluation – Standard Implementation Control – Standard Implementation Improvement) including Quality Internal Audit (AIM) activities. In PPEPP cycle this AIM activity is a cycle E (Evaluation) for SPMI. AIM 2020 is AIM in cycle 19 with the scope of AIM including: (i) Follow-up on the findings of the previous year’s AIM, (ii) Management Review Report 2020, (iii) Key Performance indicators (KPIs), taken from 9 criteria in the IAPS 4.0, (iv) Additional Performance Indicators (IKT) are taken from UB’s SPMI Standards, (v) Performance Contracts and/or IKT Strategic Planning Faculty/PS. The implementation of AIM UKPA Cycle 19 of 2020 at PSDIK-FKUB was held on October 6, 2020.