Duty & Function


Main Duties and Functions in the Organizational Structure of DPMS-FMUB


Position Main Duties and Functions
Head of Study Program Duties :

  1. Develop a work program as a work guideline with the principles of efficiency, accountability, and transparency;
  2. Lead and carry out the managerial functions of the study program to control the implementation of the academic activity process as well as the administration of its supporting activities
  3. Coordinate with the head of the Faculty and the Head of the relevant Unit in terms of the formulation of quality policies and quality targets; and
  4. Manage the implementation of study program education for the achievement of student competencies in accordance with the curriculum set by the faculty leadership in collaboration with related stakeholders.

The Head of the Study Program carries out the following functions:

  1. Coordination to implement and participate in curriculum development;
  2. Coordination with the head of the Faculty and the Head of the related Unit in conducting academic quality assurance;
  3. Coordination with the head of the faculty and the head of the related unit in preparing the plan and accountability for student admissions
  4. Accountability and cooperation with faculty leaders and unit heads in preparation for Study Program Accreditation
  5. Excellent programs that strengthen the existence of study programs based on faculty development plans;
  6. Planning and coordination for research activities
  7. Coordination of drafting the concept of semester learning plans based on applicable regulations;
  8. Making the division of lecture assignments and teaching loads for lecturers;
  9. Preparation of monitoring instruments for the implementation of lectures and their implementation in accordance with applicable regulations to improve the quality of Study Programs;
  10. Monitoring and achieving student study success, as well as evaluating the length of study for students;
  11. Tracking studies of students, alumni and graduate users;
  12. Input on the performance of lecturers and administrative staff to the faculty leadership;
  13. Giving and or proposing sanctions for students to faculty leaders in accordance with applicable regulations;
  14. Compilation of study program performance reports either through university databases, and or accreditation forms;
  15. Proposed planning and development of Human Resources; and
  16. Management of documents related to students (leave permits, permits, study extensions and student activities).
Academic Coordinator Duties

Support the duties of Head of the Study Program, specifically in the process of academic activities

Academic Coordinator carries the following functions:

Responsible for the administration and archiving of all data to support educational activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Duties:

Support the duties of Head of the Study Program and collaborate with Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) to:

  1. Conducting the assurance and development of academic quality at the Study Program level;
  2. Preparing Study Program accreditation

Monitoring and evaluation unit function is to realize:

  1. Preparation of instruments, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the teaching and learning process to improve the quality of education
  2. Making a tracer study/tracking study of students, alumni and graduate users; and
  3. Preparation of study program performance reports regularly, to be reported to the Head of the Department.
Curriculum Unit Duty:

  1. Carry out planning, review, and curriculum development at the Study Program level


  1. The realization of the curriculum according to the field of interest.
  2. Guaranteed curriculum development in accordance with the field of interest.
Academic and Students Administration Duties:

  1. Process student grade data and print course grades, course selection sheet in SIAKAD system
  2. Prepare academic data for judicium process (Activities Record, Certificate of graduation, and Judicial Decree)
  3. Create and record lecturers and doctoral students attendance.
  4. Process letters (related to academic letter and exam invitation), assignment letter application, and academic advisor and courses decree.
  5. Prepare academic files for doctoral student examination (pre-proposal seminar, qualification exam, commission exam, proposal seminar, research result seminar, stage 1 and stage 2 exam.
  6. Prepare academic files for the dissertation compulsory and supporting courses.
  7. Prepare supporting data to evaluate problem student which related to the academic.
  8. Process doctoral students transcript
  9. Prepare academic files for the compulsory courses
  10. Doctoral students re-registration service.
Finance and Human Resources Administration Duties:

  1. Prepare a budget plan of study program per year and study program needs per month;
  2. Receive down payment from assistant treasurer
  3. Prepare financial files for exams and pay the honorarium;
  4. Calculate and pay an honorarium for study program activities other than routine exams;
  5. Paying other financial transactions other than honorarium
  6. Processing letter of assignment and other documents related to finance;
  7. Record the expenditures and report it in monthly accountability reports
  8. Calculate and pay study program taxes
  9. Record and report the study program income
  10. Process and archive the receipts of accountability report and other financial files;
  11. a budget summary for funding applications; and
  12. Prepare financial supporting data for AIM, Forms and other financial audits.