New Student Admissions for Odd Semester 2023/2024

Universitas Brawijaya provides an opportunity for prospective students to join the Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences (DPMS), Faculty of Medicine. The admission of new DPMS-FMUB students for odd semester of academic year 2023/2024 has opened!

The admission process has started on February 13, 2023 and will last until the specified deadline. Prospective students can register through the website and follow the specified selection stages.

DPMS offers quality education and prepares graduates to become experts in the medical field, especially in the fields of Biomedical Sciences, Medical Technology, Reproductive Biology, and Social Medicine. With respectable facilities and competent lecturers, students will get an exciting and challenging learning experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity and register yourself right now. Further information can be found on the website

Good luck!” (IW_DPMS)