Training on Dissertation supporting writing skills for students of the Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya

DPMS FMUB held training in supporting dissertation writing skills for all Ph.D. program students at the Senyum hotel, Batu city, on March 21, 2023. The material presented today included the use and application of the reference manager (Mendeley) by dr. Harun Al Rashid, MPH, easy charting by dr. Thareq Barasabha, M.T., and optimization of Microsoft Word features for writing dissertations delivered by Mr. Dodit Suprianto SKom., M.T

Head of the Medical Department Dr. dr. Nur Samsu, SpPD-KGH., FINASIM, who gave a speech as well as opened the training event, said that this training was very much needed in pursuing studies at the S3 level. He has also benefited from using reference manager applications such as Mendeley, EndNote, and Zotero in writing dissertations and various other scientific works.

Today’s training was held to increase the quality and effectiveness of dissertation writing and publication for DPMS students. The participants were also invited to practice directly using Mendeley, make diagrams/flowcharts, and do a dissertation proposal layout after the presentation of each material by the speaker. (iw_dee_PSDIK)