Management Overview Mechanism

Head or Secretary of PDIK with Quality Guarantee Unit conducts an overview of program of study at least once a year. Such overview is conducted not only to measure business process (input, process, output) which is determined by PDIK and as a follow up of the previous year management overview, but also respond towards Internal Quality Audit (AIM) findings. The elements of input in management overview consists of (a) audit results, (b) customers’ feedback, (c) performance from related process and product, (d) status from prevention and improvement, (e) follow ups from previous management overview or regular program of study meeting, (f) change that can influence quality management system and (g) recommendation for quality improvement. Management overview results saved as document.


7. Type and Service Procedure: Academic Service and others are written in procedure manual, whereas other services such as plagiarism detection application can be seen in

8. Facility: Laboratorium facility and facility for computer access and reading room can be seen in