Vision Mission

To become an internationally recognized pioneer and reformer study program in the fields of Biomedical Sciences, Reproductive Biology, Medical Technology and Social Medicine to support culture-based industries for the benefit of society.
  1. Organizing the high quality of education, research, and community service in the fields of Biomedical Sciences, Reproductive Biology, Medical Technology, and Social Medicine in achieving the highest academic competence to produce graduates who have intellectual integrity and professional attitudes;
  2. Carrying out the role of the study program as an agent of renewal, a pioneer, and disseminator of science and technology in the fields of medicine and health based on the values of local wisdom to improve the quality of life;
  3. Organizing superior, equitable, and sustainable study program governance

  1. Generating graduates with academic abilities, pioneering and reforming spirit, professional, independent, work ethic, disciplined, virtuous, with the latest technology insight, and having managerial skills so that they are able to compete, excel, at the national and international levels
  2. Developing a research roadmap, especially in the fields of biomedicine, bio-reproduction, medical technology and social medicine with an interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary approach.
  3. Producing innovative works to develop novelty in the fields of medicine and health that benefit society through technology transfer
  4. Developing culture and academic potential based on concepts, principles or theories that can be scientifically and ethically accountable, and communicate them to the public.