Making Brawijaya University Medical Faculty Doctorate Program into a center of scientific learning and education with international competitiveness and preeminence in biomedical and medical technology fields.


Performing doctorate education which is capable of developing health and medical science with biomedical learning and medical technological learning through research.


Providing professional educational program and learning activities by creating a conductive academic atmosphere to improve the intellectual capacity  of learners, so as to produce doctors who are capable of:

  1. Finding or developing new theory/conception/scientific ideas especially in biomedical and medical technology fields by paying close attention to and implement humanitarian values in their mastered fields.
  2. Organizing research especially biomedical and medical technology by inter-discipline, multi discipline, or trans-discipline.
  3. Determining research especially in biomedical and medical science technology with efficient and most advanced qualities and bringing benefits to human beings with interdiscipline, multi-discipline, or trans-discpline.
  4. Developing research road map particularly in biomedical and medical science technology fields with inter-discipline, multi-discipline, or trans-discipline approach.
  5. Compiling scientific arguments and solutions especially in biomedical and medical tecnology based on critical view or fact, concept, principle, or theory that scientifically and academicaly responsible, and communicate it through mass media or directly to society.
  6. Showing academic leadership in organizing, developing, and guiding resources and organization.
  7. Organizing research, including storing, auditing, rescueing, and refinding data and informations on research result.
  8. Developing and maintaining collegial and partnership.
  9. Producing research that can be published in indexed international journals.


PDIK siap menghasilkan lulusan dengan publikasi jurnal internasional