The existence of Brawijaya University Medical Faculty Post Graduate Program  (PPS-FKUB) began from the founding of Brawijaya University Post Graduate Program (PPS-UB) pioneered in 1981. This pioneering was started by cooperation between Brawijaya University and Gajah Mada University to administer Credit Accumulation Activity Program (KPK) UGM – UNIBRAW. After eleven years under status of KPK UGM-UNIBRAW, then based on Higher Education General Directorate Decree No. 104, 105, 106/Dikti/Kep/93, since 27 February 1993 Brawijaya University Post Graduate operates independently with three Master Degrees.  In academic year of 1998/1999, PPS-UB organized 12 study programs for Master and one program for Ph.D in Farming Science. In its development, on 5 June 2000 based on Higher Education General Directorate Decree  number 173/DIKTI/KEP/2000 Medical Science Master Degree was opened, therefore since academic year of 2003/2004 PPSUB has operated 20 Master programs  and five Ph.D programs.

In the beginning, Medical Science Ph.D program has one special interest, i.e.: Biomedical science, but since academic year of 2001/2002, Medical Science program added specificity interest, i.e.: Reproduction Biology and Medical Technology aside Biomedical Science.

In the course of the development, in academic year of 2005/2006, Medical Science Ph.D program opened learning process under “by research” system. Basically, “by research” Medical Science Doctorate program is an independent education which its education operates within the scope of medical science.

By Rectorate Decree Number 30/SK/2006 and Rectorate Handbill Number 2012/J10/LL/2006 which obliges each Master and Ph.D program of study to be under each faculty, since even semester of 2008/2009 academic year Ph.D Medical Science is under Brawijaya University Medical Faculty (FKUB) and in accordance with Decree number 002/BAN/PT/AK/IX/S3/VI/2010 dated 11 June 2010, Medical Science Ph.D program has established as Brawijaya University Medical Faculty (FKUB) Medical Science Doctorate Program (PDIK) under B accreditation grade.